Digital Strategy Services Agency

We strongly recommend the creation of a digital strategy as part of a wider integrated marketing strategy to help drive traffic to your site and generate results for your organisation. This can run in tandem with your website development programme or help you promote an existing w ebsite.

Action Tech Five Star Strategy Program me

Created by Action Tech CEO who has almost three decades’ experience of working in media and marketing and has a Masters Degree in digital marketing. She is also a CIM digital marketing strategy trainer with the Academy for Marketing.

Situation Analysis

Understanding your corporate objectives

Benchmarking your current digital marketing activities

Analysing three competitor websites and their USPs

Reviewing audience/industry/online partners and market trends

Customer persona development

SWOT & PESTLE analysis


Setting measurable and time-bound digital goals and objectives/Key Performance Indicators.


Identifying audience segments, messaging and brand journey

Creating a time-lined programme of multi-channelled activity – search engine, content, online PR and social media marketing – to drive people to your website

Conversion rate optimisation – reviewing/testing website design and landing pages to convert leads to customers

Identifying ongoing ways to engage with customers, including email marketing, customer service and customer advocacy through reviews and testimonials

Reviewing in-house and external resources to deliver the plan


Setting a budget to deliver proposed activities

Measurement & evaluation

Determining key measures that match your objectives

Setting up dashboards to monitor and measure results

Ensuring systems are in place to evaluate outcomes including Return On Investment

Starting From Scratch

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